Festival of dolls, taken in Japan in February 2003.

The art of tea ceremony, Megumi aged 5.

Guess who's who! (100days old)
*Answers at the bottom of the page (Click here!)*

Honoka the pianist? (Aged approx 18 month)

Megumi posing at the piano, aged 6.

Honoka practising the cello at 10 years old.
She was learning piano, violin AND cello at the time.
A complete piano trio!

Fujita Trio in Marrakech, Morocco 1999.
Charmed by the snake man!

We have recently found a rather interesting photo of
Arisa at around 5 years old.
Notice her intense concentration! - and also her posture..
Nice fashion too!?

Any comments?

**Answers to Guess who's who : Honoka, Megumi and Arisa**

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